Acquittal at #unibrennt-trail

Judge declares to be too little evidence.

The prosecutor will appeal and thus the judgment is not final.
The trial of four art students, who were accused of attempted arson at a branch of the Labour Market Service (AMS) in Vienna, has now ended in acquittal.

Originally, the four students had been suspected of forming a terrorist organization. This charge was later dropped. The defendants alleged that this occurred only because of their involvement in the unibrennt movement that was targeted by the organism of domestic intelligence. The prosecution relied on the other hand, on a “video claiming responsibility,” which was seen shortly after the arson on several Internet platforms.

The students were surveilled for a year as terror suspects. THe AMS arson also appeared widespread in the EU Europol Report 2011. If convicted, the defendants could have faced up to ten years of imprisonment.

Judge Gerald Wagner saw the evidence to be insufficient. On the video that was presented as proof no person could be seen, from the log files it could not be concluded that one of the defendants had posted the video, and the telephonic report did not prove that the defendants were at the time of the crime scene. “Therefore I speak with no doubts,” said Wagner

Attorney Nina Mayrgündter wants to fight the acquittal of the second, third and fourth defendants, except for the acquittal of the first defendant. An approach that for the defending laywer Anja Oberkofler is “absolutely incomprehensible”. (, 07/27/2012)

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